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Your pool water is pumped through hundreds of individual tubes contained within the collectors lying in the sun on your roof. The heat is absorbed by the water as it travels through the tubes and then returns to your pool.


Depending on some individual site conditions, such as amount of sun and wind already on your pool, your water could rise in temperature by six to eight degrees.


On some days, your pool may only need a couple of degrees lift to achieve your comfort level. On these days, the Sunwave controller will automatically turn the heating system off when your desired temperature is reached.


Steep roofs and high wind areas are not a problem with Sunwave. Our factory designed and built mountings ensure the heating collectors are fixed securely to your roof. Like other rooftop appliances, such as skylights, solar hot water systems and whirlybirds, your solar pool heating system should be installed for safety and security. Sunwave solar pool heating has been engineered and developed by a company with over 30 years experience in the solar heating industry.

Tubes & headers

moulded as one,

avoiding low pressure

barbs & grommets.

Large headers

ensure low head loss.

Tubes are extremely

close together providing

incredible efficiency.

Spacer bars hold tubes off

the roof surface, allowing the

roof to stay dry & corrosion free.

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